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Please update

I enjoy playing this game but I can only play it on my daughters iPad. It needs to be updated to play on my phone.

Please fix your game!!!!

I hope the developer updates this so that it is compatible with iOS 11. I really miss this game it was a lot of fun.

Awesome amazing

I lone to play when I'm bored

Great Superb

What a game. Challenging and joyful. We all enjoy it. It's lots of fun

Great game

❤️Please make more levels ❤️

All words up

Best game and very interesting and educational

Words Up

This game has some serious problems. It shuts down continuously while I'm playing. More serious is that I have authorized payment 3 times to extend my play time. I really like the game but I'm no longer paying for time I don't get. This is my second review. I continue to play, even tho the game has real navigation problems. It shuts down many times while I'm playing. Your developer needs to fix that. Very annoying. Also it took my money 3 times and did not extend my time to give me 5 more moves. Do you read these reviews? Do you try to fix your problems? I will eventually get fed up. I see that other players have similar problems. Why do have reviews if you don't adjust?

Great fun

Cannot stop. Always a challenge.

Over it!

I like the game, BUT I'm over the constant ads in the middle of the game. 3-5 times during a single game it pops over to the App Store. I'm done. Update: started playing again. Pop up ads worse than ever. Even after watching the ad, it popped up again 5-6 times in less than a minute.

One of the better word games

Next to alphabetty, this is the best word game Ive found. Lets you discover your own words and in a variety of configurations not just vertically and horizontally. Gets challenging fast which is great

All Words Up

This game is a wonderful exercise for your little grey cells. Way to go creators.


Pretty good game! Good enough to have a 5 star review from me

Needs adjusting

This could be a fun game but I'm finding a lot of frustration due to the app not being able to accurately track the letters I've chosen. If scoring is based on speed and length of words found, it is impossible to do well. This game could be one of the best word games around if this one thing could be fixed. I hope this happens!


Enjoying so far!


Fun word game. But interesting nuances and levels

Fun game

Fun game to play. It's a definite challenge to get all three stars per level.




Fun game that can easily become habit forming!

Great game

Great game! Gets you thinking and the tokens are a good price. The extra 10 moves really help out sometimes! This game is way better than some of the other word games out there.

All words up

Have not been playing that long but so far so good!

Word fun with challenge

It's fun bc it makes me strategize words for the most points. Like that I have to EARN level ups!

Words Up

Loads of fun. Challenging but not too.

Good brain activity

Enjoy the game but not happy about interrupted game time with pushing buying whatever or the insistence we connect with Facebook. I don't want either. What good is the challenge if we are being asked to buy "cheats"?

Fun; but wish it was a bit more descriptive....

How many points do you need to get three stars? Also, what might be a stupid comment, but wish the music was a bit more inviting and/or has an option to shut it.

Good Challenges

Not boring at all. Nice variety of games. Keeps me interested. Good brain exercises.

Spammy adverts take up screen

I like the game but, the adverts will sometimes take the screen up and I have to exit out. I also don't understand the pencil game in the higher levels. I'm noticing that the game will wait til i have one move left before revealing the last pencil.

Fake Words

If you put mmm it will work no joke. Nnm and lll will work too. Why? But I did like the game.

5 stars

Love this game! On level 113! Very challenging. Hate that timer runs out!

Nice app/game

Love this game!

Stop the music!

If you can't shut off the music I delete the game. This music is especially annoying and no way to stop it

Mind of its own

Love this game but latest release is buggy. I can be not even touching it, and it will jump to App Store. Constantly attempts to log into game center, goes into background at random. 1 star if it wasn't a past fav.

Word up

I'm not very far into the game but so far so good


Besides all of the killing in Baltimore City, MD!!

Could be fun

We need to know others scores in order to match up with someone that scores close to you. Also how do you earn the coins? I have read everything I think and couldn't find an answer to this.

great game

great fast paced word game

Crashes at end of every level


Awesome game

Great game.. :)

Love it

I love this game. It challenges you to actually use your brain. I like how you can play as long as you wish unlike most games. Thanks for a good challenging game.

Words Up

A word game that really gives your brain a workout. Alot of fun but this game will freeze up if you leave any screen on for over a minute or so without activity, so that's annoying otherwise a clever, challenging word game


I'm good with words and I thought it wouldn't be challenging enough for me but I was wrong!

Loads of fun

Love Word Blitz; earn tokens to use for more moves in the other game. 😊

Nice game

Lots of different levels of fun

Have a question

I completed to level 15, have 3 stars in each level. How do I cross the bridge to continue????? Not doing the timed version. Like this game a lot.

Fun, but challenging.

I love this game. When I first played it I could only come up with three letter words, but now I am kicking butt....


This game really makes time go by.i am old and it keeps my mind really alert while playing ,you have to be ,in order to win.keeps you learning to spell.

Fun Game

This game is very addictive. The only thing I don't like is that I have to buy a "ticket" to get to higher levels! Otherwise- this is my favorite!!

Love the level part except......

I don't like the speed one but love the level part w the cars. Very cute so I gave this game 4 stars. I have a problem with that part. There are some levels I just can't figure out how to get the third star!!! My scores are high and yet I only get 2. Anyone with the answer let me know please I'd buy something but I can't see how it would make a difference .

Very enjoyable game.

Great game. Challenging but not so much that it is frustrating. I am enjoying playing it. Addicting. A bit tricky to use fingertips but not a big thing.

Fun times

Good way to pass time

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